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Club Activities

TwinsLAN has a number of ongoing activities and regularly undertakes special projects.  Like any organization, TwinsLAN also has a long list of things we would like to accomplish in the future.  And, while the TwinsLAN packet network occasionally experiences some failures, we try to track these problems until they are repaired.

Ongoing Activities

TwinsLAN maintains a packet radio network, as described elsewhere on these pages (see "TwinsLAN Net").  TwinsLAN uses that network to deliver packet services during several events throughout the year, including the Twin Cities Marathon.

TwinsLAN has held at least a dozen "packet and radio work parties" over the last several years. The intent of the work parties is to bring test equipment and  knowledge to the aid of people in the Twin Cities area who are having problems with their packet stations or other equipment. During the most recent work parties,  we've worked on node site equipment for several sysops, the TCMAN UHF data repeater, the U of M voice repeater, tuned several duplexers, and helped more   than 10 people repair or setup their packet equipment. The work parties start at 9AM and are supposed to be over by 5PM. But in several cases we had to come  back on Sunday to finish. This year the last person didn't leave until 10PM on several occasions. Our thanks to Ramsey County Emergency Services for providing a
location for the work parties. 

Special Projects

Our most recent project was the conversion of a number of Motorola Mitrek radios to 9600 bps service for use with the TwinsLAN 9600 bps repeater.  We hope to post details on this project in the future.

Motorola Mitrek

To-Do List

TwinsLAN To-Do List

Date Item Status
11/2003 Repair TLANR UHF Link  
11/2003 Replace Micor base station at TLANR w/ Dual Mitrek radios  
9/1999 Upgrade EPROMS in repeater TNCs  
1/2003 Upgrade EPROMs in TLANW Completed 
9/1999 Explore changing UHF link to another frequency  
9/1999 Modify D4-10 radio and install as southern node  
9/1999 Configure 1200 bps equipment for new Cottage Grove site  
12/2000 Remove, refurbish, re-install TLANN at new location  
12/2000 Refurbish & assemble TLANS for new location in Burnsville  
12/2000 Remove old TLANS antennas from old TLANS site  

Network Problem Reports

TwinsLAN Network Problem Reports

Date Item Status
9/2002 TLANR UHF link TNC hangs, must be replaced


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