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March 10, 2001

Craig Johnson, AA0ZZ


Amateur Radio Transceiver Kits

1. Small Wonder Labs

SW-40+ 40 Meter Transceiver

- Used as basis for "Elmer 101" project

- Also available for 80, 30 and 20 Meters -$55.00

- Two-tone gray/ black enclosure kit -$35.00

(with all connectors, controls, knobs, wire, etc)

- Designed and distributed by

Dave Benson, NN1G

Small Wonder Labs

80 East Robbins Avenue

Newington, CT 06111

INTERNET: http://www.smallwonderlabs.com/

Email: dave@smallwonderlabs.com

Elmer 101 Books- $12 each (including shipping)

Paul Harden, NA5N

Quicksilver Printing

P .0. Box 757

Socorro, New Mexico 87801

Elmer 101 "Super Elmer" (help)

Glen Leinweber, VE3DNL

INTERNET: http://epic.mcmaster.ca/~elmer101/

Email: leinwebe@mcmaster.ca

Elmer 101 - Power Point Presentation (Good!)

INTERNET: http://home.earthlink.net/~hamkitbuilder/elmer101.html

DSW-Series Single Band Transceivers

- Similar to SW-40 but digital front end


(Watch home page for production resume)


2. Oak Hills Research

INTERNET: http://www.ohr.com/

QRP Transceivers kits

OHR100A - Single Band CW Transceiver Kit - $130

OHR500 - 5 Band CW Transceiver Kit - $350


3. Wilderness Radio

INTERNET: http://www.fix.net/jparker/wild.html

NC-40A - 40 Meter Transceiver - $130

Sierra - Multiple Bands with Plug-In Modules - $215 to $369


4. Elecraft

INTERNET: http://www.elecraft.com

K2 - QRP SSB/CW Transceiver Kit - $549 and up

5 Bands - Modules available separately

(Exceptional quality, but not a beginner's kit.)

K1 - QRP SSB/CW Transceiver Kit - $269

"Little Brother" of K2 - 2 Bands (selectable)


5. Emtech

INTERNET: http://emtech.steadynet.com/

QRP CW Transceiver kits


6. S & S Engineering

INTERNET: http://raven.metric.net/sseng/

Digital Display Rig,

Digital VFO With DDS,

HF/VHF Frequency Counter,

HF/VHF Programmable Frequency Counter,

Synthesized CW Transceivers,

Synthesized Programmable Counter,

HF Frequency Counter


7. TenTec

INTERNET: http://www.tentec.com/Amateur.htm

QRP CW Transceiver kits



8. MFJ

INTERNET: http://www.mfjenterprises.com/

QRP CW/SSB Transceiver Kits


9. Kanga

INTERNET: http://www.bright.net/~kanga/kanga/

QRP Transceiver kits

KK7B kits (R1/R2 Receiver Modules, T2 Transmitter Module, etc.)


10. RedHot Radio

INTERNET: http://www.redhotradio.com/

20 Meter CW Transceiver kit


Build From "Scratch"

Island ("Manhattan") Construction

- Use Nibbler tool (Adel) to make pads

(about 3/16" by 5/16")

- Super Glue

- SuperJet - medium viscosity

(contains cyanoacrylate)


2N2/40 -40 Meter transceiver

Designer - Jim Kortge, (building contest)

INTERNET: http://www.qsl.net/k8iqy/

2N2/40 Books - $12 each (including shipping)

Paul Harden, NA5N

Email: na5n@rt66.com

Quicksilver Printing

P.0. Box 757

Socorro, New Mexico 87801

Bare Board (with pads marked) from AZ ScQRPions ($5.00)

Bob Hightower

1905 N. Pennington Drive

Chandler, AZ 85224-2632


2N2/40 Parts kit

Dan's Small Parts

INTERNET: http://www.fix.net/jparker/dans.html

Version "A" kit ($29.95) includes:

- All resistors and all pots except the 20K 10 turn pot and an RIT parts kit

- All capacitors

- Audio transformer

- All cores

- All inductors

- All semiconductors

- A matched set of crystals with Y1, Y2, and Y3 matched within 25hz

Version "B" kit ($44.95) includes:

- Everything in Version "A" plus a nice 20K 10 turn pot and RIT parts kit

NOTE: Kit does not include schematic, construction manual, circuit board,

connectors, jacks and other off-board items not listed


Make circuit boards

1. Layout

- By hand using marker pen

- Using "Stick-on" patterns, traces

(All Electronics)

- PCB Drawing Software

- Circad (per Jay Craswell, W0VNE)

Download from: www.holophase.com/circad98.htm

DOS, Windows 95/98/NT

Both the Schematic and PCB in one package

Hams-only discount - $299 for a $1000 commercial package

(Get tech support from other circad users or from Jay.)

- WinBoard (Free - 100 pins; buy versions with more pins for larger layouts)

Ivex Design International

Download from: http://www.ivex.com

Windows 95/98 or NT

- ExpressPCB

Engineering Express

Download from: http://www.expresspcb.com

- Easytrax (DOS freeware program from Protel)


Download from: http://www.ee.ualberta.ca/archive/localsa.html

2. Use copper clad boards (single or double side)

- All Electronics

3. Tranfer traces to board

- Press-N-Peel (by Techniks)

(Get 5 sheets- 8-1/2" x 11" for $11.95 from All Electronics)

Print with photo copier or laser print

Iron on board

Peel off

4. Photo techniques on sensitized boards

- Get sensitized board from:

- Circuit Specialists



- Gateway Electronics



Either Positive or Negative boards (different processes)

5. Etch board

- Ferric chloride

(Get lb anhydrous for $4.00 from All Electronics)

- Other etchants

6. Drill

- #60 (.040") drill in pin vise

- #65 (.035") drill in pin vise

7. Mount components


Use computer for circuit simulation

- Radio Designer $150


INTERNET: http://www.arrl.org/ard/

- Electronic Workbench


INTERNET: http://www2.mozcom.com/~apexsinc/ewbweb/ewb.htm

- SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis)

- Freeware (for Win95/98, NT)

- Win3f4 (UCBerkeley)

INTERNET: http://www.elec.mq.edu.au//cnerf/spice/

- Demo / Evaluation Software

- Micro-Cap 6 - Spectrum Software

INTERNET: http://www.spectrum-soft.com/index.html

- PSpice -MicroSim Corporation

INTERNET: http://arago.eecs.uic.edu/EECS342/download.htm


Equipment needed


1. Soldering iron (-25 watts)

2. Multimeter (Volts, Ohms, Amps)

3. RF Probe (if no oscilloscope)


1. Oscilloscope (20 MHz minimum)

2. Spectrum Analyzer

3. Frequency Counter


Buying Parts


- Radio Shack

- ABC Electronics

Mail Order

- Digi-Key

701 Brooks Ave. South

Thief River Falls MN 56701-0677


INTERNET: http://www.digikey.com

- Mouser Electronics

958 N. Main

Mansfield TX 76063-4827


INTERNET: http://www.mouser.com

- All Electronics

905 S. Vermont Ave.

Los Angeles CA 90006


INTERNET: http://www.allcorp.com

- Hosfelt Electronics

2700 Sunset Blvd

Steubenville OH 43952-1158



PSK31 Resources

- PSK31 Transceivers

PSK-20 20 Meter PSK31 Transceiver ($95 - board and parts, $30 - case-optional)

Dave Benson, NN1G

Small Wonder Labs

80 East Robbins Avenue

Newington, CT 06111

INTERNET: http://www.smallwonderlabs.com/

Email: dave@smallwonderlabs.com

Warbler 80 Meter PSK31 Transceiver ($45 - board and parts, no case)

New Jersey QRP Club

George Heron, N2APB

2419 Feather Mae Ct

Forest Hill, MD 21050

Email: n2apb@amsat.org

- Interfaces for all digital modes

- RigBlaster -Standard ($89 - assembled, tested )

with microphone connection -switchable

- Rigblaster - Nomic ($30 - assembled, tested )

no microphone connection (NEW)

West Mountain Radio

18 Sheehan Ave

Norwalk, CT 06845


INTERNET: http://www.westmountainradio.com

- DigiPan Isolating Interface ($40 - assembled and tested)

INTERNET: http://members.home.com/hteller/digipan/

Email: hteller@home.com

-Bux Comm Co ( Kits for about $25 - plus good web page Info!)

115 Luenburg Drive

Evington, Va 24550

INTERNET: http://www.BucksCommCo.com


- Software

- HamScope (Freeware!)


- DigiPan


Email: hteller@home.com

- WinPSKse


- PSK31 Info

- Official PSK3l Website


pointers to many other resources




1. ARRL Handbook ($30.00)

Notes: Basic textbook for amateurs

2. Low Power Communication: The Art and Science of QRP ($15.00)

Richard Arland, K7SZ

ARRL (1999)

Notes: Good introduction to QRP

3. Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur ($15.00)

Wes Hayward, W7Z0I and Doug DeMaw, WlFB

ARRL (1986)

Notes: A true classic! Two of the best known design authors . Get it!

4. Data Book for Homebrewers and ORPers ($20.00)

Paul Harden, NA5N

Quicksilver Press

Notes: Full of component specs. Extremely valuable to the homebrewer .

5. QRP Classics ($12.00)

Collected from QST and ARRL Handbook

ARRL (1990)

Notes: Currently out of print, but great book if you can find it.

6. QRP Power

Collected from QST, QEX and ARRL Handbook

ARRL (1996)

Notes: Replaces QRP Classics

Basic Homebrewing hints / techniques.

Design review of SW-40 radio (called NN1G 40-40 here).

7. W1FB's Design Notebook ($10.00)

Doug DeMaw, W1FB

ARRL (1990)

Notes: Starts with basic transistor circuits. Practical designs.

8. WlFB's ORP Notebook ($10.00)

Doug DeMaw, WIFB

ARRL (1991)

Notes: Many valuable circuit designs

Similar to WIFB Design Notebook but QRP oriented.

9. Practical RF Design Manual ($19.95)

Doug DeMaw, W1FB

MFJ (1997)

Notes: Very practical circuits and theory.

Transmitter & receiver fundamentals, oscillators, amplifiers, coupling, etc.

10. Introduction to Radio Frequencv Design

Wes Hayward, W7Z0I

ARRL (1996)

Notes: Transistor models, filters, transmission lines, Smith Chart, amplifier

design, oscillators.

Technical. Excellent!

11. The Electronics of Radio ($45.00 - paperback)

David B. Rutledge

Cambridge University Press (1999)

(Get from The Library of Science) http://los.booksonline.com/los

Member's price - $33.95)

Notes: Text for Professor Rutledge's EE course at Cal Tech

Uses design of Norcal 40A as example throughout

Extremely well done examples of components, radio

theory, amplifiers, mixers, transmission lines, filters, etc.

Very technical, but very well done. Unusual book!


Mailing Lists


To subscribe, send message to listserv@Lehigh.EDU with message body:

SUBSCRIBE QRP-L your_name your_call

where "your_name" is your real name, and "your_call" is your

callsign (if any)

Example: SUBSCRIBE QRP-L Craig Johnson AAOZZ

QRP-L Archives also available from:


WWW Resources

QRP ARCI (QRP Amateur Radio Club International)

INTERNET: http://www.qrparci.org/


NorCal QRP Club

INTERNET: http://www.fix.net/~jparker/norcal.html

Newsletter, Kits

Homebrew pages

INTERNET: http://www.qsl.net/ei9gq/index.html

INTERNET: http://hem2.passagen.se/sm0vpo/index.htm#ant

INTERNET: http://qrp.pops.net/qrp/default.htm

Local Clubs

Minnesota QRP Society

INTERNET: http://www.qsl.net/mnqrp/

Monthly meetings

First Saturday of month

1:30 PM

Minnetonka Community Center

See homepage for directions

"Show& Tell"

Help for people with questions


Other Local Amateur Radio Clubs