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Through the combined efforts of TwinsLAN, Metro Skywarn, MNAPRS, and others, three new WIDE APRS digipeaters have been placed in service since 2000.  The first was located at the northeast corner of the metro area in Mounds View (N0NAS-10),  the second is located near Kingston, MN (north of Dassel -- N0TZH-10), and the most recent addition is in Little Falls (K0MSW-11).  When K0TCA-10 went on the air in Shoreview, the Mounds View site was taken off the air (August 2011) as redundant and the equipment is available to move to a new site where it can be more useful. K0TCA-10 has also been taken off the air (July 2012) but W0YC-10 and K0YTH-13 have taken up the slack.

TwinsLAN has also been slightly involved in updating programming at several other APRS sites for Bob WB0MPE. Bob owns a number of towers in the MN-WI area and has requested aid to update the APRS beacons at the sites with his callsign and updated New-N APRS configurations. Most of the APRS equipment is owned and operated by Len N9QIP as part of the Wisconsin Inter-tie Network (WIN). Great work Len! Thanks for the sites, Bob! The project includes new and existing APRS beacons in Wisconsin (Bay City, River Falls, Chippewa Falls) and Minnesota (Duquette, Litchfield). Some will be WIDEn-n sites, others may be WIDE1-1 fill digis. There will "soon" be additional APRS digis at Rochester, Isanti, Cold Spring, Pequot Lakes, Hackensack, and maybe even Silica.

If you have questions about these sites, send an email to "twinslan at twinslan dot net" and we'll get back to you.

To see the full list of APRS sites that Len provides as part of the WIN network, check out his web page at:

If you have a good location that is in need of a WIDE1-1 Fill digi or have a high site in an area not otherwise served by a good WIDEN-n digi, we may be able to help you get equipment on the air. If you have a TNC but need to update the software for APRS duty, TwinsLAN may be able to help by providing a 27C256 EPROM programmed with UIDIGI software for a TNC-2 clone. You would need to provide the configured EPROM image, or provide enough information that we can configure the EPROM for you. Please email to "twinslan at twinslan dot net" *or* join the MNAPRS mailing list and ask your questions.

We'll be bringing you more of the technical detail and TNC setup here shortly...


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