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TwinsLAN Club Info

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Club Meetings

Club membership meetings are generally held the second Saturday of the odd-numbered months, that is January, March, May, September, and November -- note: there is no July meeting.  Visitors are always welcome and encouraged to attend.  The meetings are held at 10:00 am at various locations around the metro. See the Events list on our home page for the next meeting location.

Many thanks to the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting for hosting our meetings for over 20 years!

The doors open at 10:00 am.  The business meeting starts at 10:15 and ends about 11:00.  There may be an informational presentation of interest to our members after a short break.  The presentation usually ends around 12:00 but how long we stick around and keep talking about it is anybody's guess!

If you're a TwinsLAN member, thinking about joining, or just interested in some informal "ham"-speak, consider stopping in for coffee or breakfast at 8:30 am, prior to the meeting, at a location near the meeting.

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Becoming a TwinsLAN Member

The annual TwinsLAN membership dues are $10.00.  To become a TwinsLAN member, send your name, address and your amateur call (if any) plus $10.00 for an annual membership (payable to "TwinsLAN") to:

TwinsLAN Packet Radio Club
8201 32nd Ave N
CrystaL, MN 55427

TwinsLAN dues are low because members are expected to volunteer to work at the annual Tailgate Swapfest in June.  Tailgate Swapfest provides most of the operating capital for TwinsLAN, not member dues.

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.Club Officers and Directors

TwinsLAN Officers and Directors

President Doug Reed, NNAS Term expires 2011
Vice President Max Klingert, KBRSQ Term expires 2011
Secretary/Treasurer Anders Johansson, KBPJV Term expires 2011
Board Member Mike Sigelman, KBUD Term expires 2007
Board Member Kelly Black, KBGBJ Term expires 2007
Board Member Dallas Fogg, NLKD Term expires 2007
Board Member Bill Hughes, NQHP Term expires 2007

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Mailing Address

The preferred means of contacting TwinsLAN is via email sent to

If necessary -- TwinsLAN correspondence may be sent via "snail mail" addressed to:

TwinsLAN Packet Radio Club
8201 32nd Ave N
Crystal, MN 55427

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.Club Call

The TwinsLAN club call is NTL; the trustee is Doug Reed, NNAS.

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.TwinsLAN Bylaws

TwinsLAN is an unincorporated association.  Its bylaws are available online.

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.E-Mail Lists

TwinsLAN uses the Mailman remailer program to maintain several e-mail lists specifically for club activities and hosts email lists for several other ham organizations around the state. TwinsLAN would be happy to support your amateur radio activities in Minnesota by hosting a low-volume email list for your club or group. We would do the initial list setup and provide a little coaching for your list administrator and after that your administrator would be responsible for maintaining the email list. NOTE: We do NOT recommend our email lists for critical emergency messages and do NOT provide any guarantees regarding availability of the email list or delivery of the email messages. (There are commercial organizations that may provide those guarantees, but not TwinsLAN.) Send an email to the TwinsLAN email address at the bottom of the page for more information about hosting an email list.

Link to list of all email lists hosted by TwinsLAN. -- for TwinsLAN members or those interested in the club, or for those interested in packet radio or digital modes in general -- a list for the TwinsLAN technical group who support the packet network. -- a closed list for the TwinsLAN Board of Directors -- an open list to send email announcements and reminders regarding hamfests in and near Minnesota.

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